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FAQ: During the Rental

What are the rules for driving in the Outback?

Travelling through the Northern Territory (NT) offers a very exciting experience of a unique climate, diverse landscapes and extraordinary people from many cultures. Excellent highways make access to attractions easy and comfortable.


There are however some restrictions regarding where vehicles are not to be driven. These restrictions generally apply to driving vehicles on unsealed roads. Some vehicles are not covered by insurance in these areas.


Information on road conditions and driving standard vehicles (2-wheel drive) and 4 wheel drive vehicles in the Northern Territory:

Drivers should be aware that three quarters of the land is deserts and remote areas.

Many of the most popular places of interest can be reached in a standard 2-wheel drive vehicle.

Time is a major consideration when planning an NT trip. Considerable extra time is required to travel to some places where a 4WD is required.

All restrictions on where our vehicles can be driven can be found in Europcar's standard Terms and Conditions.


Between the months of November/December to April/May the Top End experiences the tropical wet season. All 4WD tracks become impassable due to the heavy rains. It is difficult to know exactly when the wet season will start and finish as it varies each year.

- Flash flooding can occur and vehicles may become stranded and water damaged. Vehicle recovery costs and water damage are the responsibility of the renter.

- Many roads in the Northern Territory (NT). are unfenced and stock or wildlife can create driving hazards, therefore it is not advisable to travel at dusk, dawn or throughout the night.

- Road trains can be three trailers in length or over 50 metres. When overtaking, allow 1 to 2 kilometres of clear road ahead to be able to pass safely.

- Whilst 4WD's are designed to be driven on unsealed roads there are restrictions on where you can drive your Europcar 4WD. For further information on this please refer to section 3 of the Renters Guide. If after reading the renters guide you are still unsure if a Europcar 4WD is suitable for your itinerary please contact the Europcar office in the region you are travelling in.


For safety reasons we recommend vehicles not to be driven into remote areas on undefined roads or tracks, this will also void insurance.

- It is an offence to travel on Aboriginal Land without a permit. This is the renters' responsibility.

- Permission is also required for travel through pastoral properties.


If you have any questions regarding driving in the Northern Territory please contact one of the Northern Territory Stations and our staff will be happy to help.


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