The best spots to flirt with attractive Australian surfers

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Whether you want to hop on a surfboard or just check out those tanned and gorgeous riders defying gravity, Australia is a surfers’ paradise. With 37,000 km of stunning coastline blessed with deserted and pristine beaches, reefs and epic point breaks, we’ve put together our very own hand-picked list of surf spots across Australia.

You are dressed to the nines all year but this summer you want to try the hippie life

Drive to Byron Bay close to Ballina, a beautiful seaside town located in the southeast of the continent and renowned for its hippie heritage. If you want to befriend local surfers you’ll need to be respectful, as we tourists tend to irritate them, especially at the height of the season. Also, bear in mind that low tide is the best time for surfing or swimming, as the waves hollow out and can draw you in for stretches of up to 300 m. Once you are done with tube riding, you can quench your thirst at the Beach Hotel. This lovely place houses one of the best bars in the world, and has such a laid-back atmosphere that you can meditate on your karma.

Byron Bay, New South Wales

Female Surfers Rushing To Catch A Waves

You like surfers, but you LOVE kangaroos

Drive to Bells Beach, Victoria. Thanks to its consistent swells, this stunningly beautiful surf spot, located 100 km southwest of Melbourne is perfect for surfers. This right-breaking wave is best at mid to high tide with waves reaching a whopping 5 m or more. This surf mecca also boasts the longest running surf contest in Australia, held over the Easter weekend. But, what is so amazing about this small town… is that you can meet kangaroos on the streets (like, for real).

Bells Beach, Victoria

You want to stare at tattooed torsos (preferably famous ones)

Located in the southwest of western Australia, 268 km south of Perth, The Farm at Margaret River North is renowned for surfing and a vibrant art scene. There might be a small crowd in the water but it’s not too challenging to find a wave, just watch out for the shallow rocks lining the shore. You can have a ball there with a good right-breaking wave, gaining good hollow waves of 2 m or more. No surprise then, that Pro Surfing competition is held there every year over 12 days. So, how about rubbing elbows with the most famous surfers in the world while staring at their mesmerising six-pack abs?

Margaret River, Western Australia

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