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How is my rental rate calculated? Your total rental rate is calculated based on the information provided at time of booking
I have an old Europcar card which is still displayed on My Europcar account but would like to enroll in the new Privilege program, how should I proceed? Your old card needs to be cancelled by one of our data centres as this process cannot be done online.
I don’t want any unpleasant surprises at pick up - are there any compulsory additional taxes or surcharges Your Europcar rental quote takes into account all charges corresponding to your reservation criteria.
How do I get a Europcar ID number ? Your Europcar Driver ID is generated on your first rental with Europcar.
Can I reprint my Invoice ? You will be able to download past invoices online with your Europcar ID and password OR with the credit/debit card used for payment.
What are my obligations at the end of the rental period? You must return the Vehicle to the rental station nominated in the Rental Agreement.
How do I get the Privilege advantages? You must indicate the Europcar ID, when making a reservation, and then present the Card at pick-up time at the relevant participating Europcar' location.
Can I pay by cash? You must have an acceptable credit or debit card to rent one of our vehicles.
Can I used my overseas licence to drive the rental vehicle? You may use your overseas licence to drive the rental vehicle provided it is current and valid for the period of rental and for the class of vehicle you propose to hire. [More details]
What happens if I return the car earlier than the return date shown in the rental agreement ? You may only have to pay for the actual rental days
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