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What is a Europcar ID Number ? A Europcar ID number is your Europcar Customer Identification number
How are the different Privilege status levels reached? A Member switches from one level to another in function of his/her Vehicle rental services consumption (number of rentals or number of rental days).
What is an ACRISS or Sipp Code ACRISS codes help establish vehicle categories
Can I take out additional covers or protections ? Additional and extended covers may be purchased at time of booking or at the counter at start of rental.
Which Europcar locations propose the Privilege Program? All Europcar stations worldwide propose and deliver the PRIVILEGE benefits & advantages.
What vehicles are available in a given station? All the vehicles available at a given station are displayed in the "vehicle available" field
How will I know that my reservation is confirmed? At the end of the reservation process you will receive a "Reservation Confirmation"
Do I have to pay a security bond to cover any additional charges during my rental? Certain vehicles require a Security Bond
What do I need to be aware of when driving in the Outback? Check with your rental branch before begining your trip
I have forgotten my Europcar ID number. What can I do? Check your card, or a recent invoice
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