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Where can I get all information regarding the Privilege Program? Please check the loyalty section of our website
How do I become a Europcar member? Please click on the "My Europcar" section in the navigation menu.
What are Privilege credits? PRIVILEGE credits are defined as the unit value, counted in credits, generated by the number of rentals or rental days credited to a Member.
Can Privilege credits be converted? PRIVILEGE credits cannot be converted and only enable the Member to reach the relevant Status.
What is the Europcar Reservation Guarantee policy? The applicable time a requested vehicle category can be held
What does Damage Liability Fee or DLF mean The DLF amount is the maximum amount of money you are liable for.
What is the Privilege Loyalty Program? The Europcar PRIVILEGE Program is a free of charge program designed to enable enrolled customers to receive rewards for their repeat business with Europcar when they rent in any of the participating locations.
What do I need to do in the event of loss or theft of the vehicle? The first thing will be to call the local police authority and next, to call the rental station
What is the Privilege Master Rental agreement service? The Master Rental Agreement service is the Privilege express service to bypass the lines at the counter and obtain the vehicle keys without signing the pre-printed rental agreement.
What is included in the price? The price varies based on many factors
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