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Thank you for renting with Europcar

As per your Rental Contract, we recommend that you inspect your vehicle prior departing the Europcar station ensuring that the condition of the vehicle is consistent with that noted on your rental agreement.
Should you notice any discrepancies after you depart (over and above Fair Wear and Tear) and cannot return to the Europcar station, you have the convenience of informing us through our My Rental Portal.
Within this portal, you are able to review and upload your own photos if there is anything you are concerned about with the condition of your car. Any amendments to your vehicles condition MUST be added within 60 minutes* of your rental contract being generated. 
You will need the following items to access this portal:
The vehicle registration
The Rental Agreement Number
To view or add to your vehicles condition, please visit:
*For more information on our Damage Management Policy, click here.

Contact Us

If you have any questions while you are renting with Europcar please contact us:
General Enquiries: 1300 13 13 90
Roadside Assistance: 1800 625 035
Customer Relations: 1300 720 055
New Zealand
General Enquiries: 1300 13 13 90
Roadside Assistance: 0800 XXX XXX
Customer Relations: 0800 XXX XXX

Why choose Europcar?

  • 24 hour roadside assistance

  • No hidden charges

  • 24/7 service in most major airports

  • Only new rental cars

Terms & Conditions

    1. *FAQ’s
      What if it is too dark when I pick up my vehicle?
      Inspect the vehicle at your earliest opportunity, perhaps at a petrol station or the carpark at your destination. 
      What do I do if there is damage on the vehicle that is not on my rental agreement? 
      Take a photo record and share it with us via the My Rental Portal if there is any damage not listed or anything you are not sure of (e.g. Fair Wear and Tear). 
      How do I know what is considered Fair Wear and Tear?
      Our FairWear and Tear guide contains information to help you differentiate between damage and fair wear and tear. 
      However, you can upload your photos of these if you are unsure.
      How do I upload a photo?
      You can access the portal from your mobile device or PC. 
      Navigate to the Upload section and click the Upload Photos button. On mobile devices, you will be able to capture a new photo using the camera or select photos from your gallery. On a PC, you need to first copy your photos from your camera or mobile device and then select them for upload. 
      The photos will be previewed to you before they are uploaded. Click the Upload File Now button complete the upload. 
      To view our rental terms and conditions, visit: 

Reservations: 1300 13 13 90

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