The flexible alternative to leasing and buying

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From long-term rental to a mobility subscription: the flexible alternative to leasing and buying. With Europcar Long-Term Solutions you can rent your vehicle from 30 days up to 24 months with a flexible cancellation option. No entry fee or hidden costs.

I need full flexibility, I don't want to commit for a long duration
Simple and flexible car and van rental, without penalties for early exit: Europcar's most flexible Long Term subscription. Are you looking for a low emission partner too? Superflex can support you in your green transition with our solutions such as charging options, CO2 reports and customer support.
Discover Flex, our 3 to 24 months car and van rental offer for professionals. Flex is ideal for businesses that need a 3 months + rental term with all inclusive, degressive rates based on duration. The longer you keep your fleet, the lower you'll pay. And as always, flexibility comes standard with its low commitment. We can support you as well in your green transition with our solutions such as charging options, CO2 reports and customer support
I can commit for 3 months+, as I am looking for the best rates
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The most flexible alternative to leasing or buying

Long-Term Solutions Leasing Buying
Duration 1 month+ Years Years
Commitment None Very strong Strong
Vehicle available immediately Yes Not always Not always
Vehicle depreciation None None Strong
Assistance/damage management Included Extra cost Extra cost
Maintenance/servicing Included Extra cost Extra cost
Insurance Included Extra cost Extra cost
Exit fees None Yes No

Do you have any further questions about the Long-Term Solutions?

What safety and cleaning measures have you put in place?

All our vehicles are always thoroughly cleaned before handover. Furthermore, we have taken additional measures which include the cleaning of all surfaces in our cars, the switches as well as the car keys with the use of disinfectants.

We follow a precise multi-part cleaning process for our cars. All cars are intensively cleaned using disinfectants.

What are the Long-Term Solutions from Europcar?

Europcar's Long-Term Solutions currently include 2 options: SuperFlex and Flex.

The aim is to offer you a flexible alternative to traditional leasing or car purchasing. With the Long-Term Solutions you can rent a vehicle with Europcar from 1 month or 3 months (with the ability to extend for up to a maximum of 24 months).

You can comfortably drive your vehicle for as long as you need it and cancel very flexibly according to the terms of the Long-Term Solution you've chosen.

Why is a subscription model just right for my business?

With Long-Term Solutions, you can make your fleet far more flexible and thus more efficient. Project work, business seasonality, changes with employees and lead times on new vehicles orders are all circumstances where fleet flexibility is critical.

With the SuperFlex and Flex products, you can avoid these issues and react flexibly to changing conditions.

What are the benefits of Superflex?

With SuperFlex, you have the benefit of a monthly price with the flexibiity to return the vehicle after the minimum 30 day terms. You therefore remain extremely flexible, even if your requirements change unexpectedly.

Vehicles returned under the minimum 30 day term will be charged for days driven at the current retail rate of the location, at the time of return.

What are the benefits of Flex?

Flex is your particularly cost-efficient long term solution. You specify a minimum term - 3 months - and can then return your long term solution vehicle each month after the minimum term is met. The 3 month price is cheaper than the 1 month Superflex price.

Minimum term charged upfront as total cost, vehicles returned early will be charged the full minimum term.

As a company, what do I need to susbcribe to a vehicle?

In order to take out a long term solution vehicle with Europcar Australia, you need to have an Australian registered office and an active Australian Business Number.

If you have your registered office abroad, we will be happy to offer you an appropriate local solution. Please refer to your desired country-specific Europcar website.

When will I receive my myEuropcar car?

All our cars on subscription are available within 5 days of completing your request, however during the booking process, you can choose to pick it up at a later date. And if you need a car sooner, we offer various spontaneous rental solutions here: europcar.com.au

How long can I keep my vehicle?

Vehicles can be booked for 1 month and 3 month packages; SuperFlex and Flex respectively. Each initial period may be extended, with a maximum period of 24 months.

To ensure our customers have access to the most current vehicles, Europcar frequently change over fleet on average every 9 to 12 months. Customers may need their vehicle replaced or have maintenance carried out during their rental term. Where this is the case we will contact you if an exchange or maintenance is required and endeavour to carry out these requirements as quickly and easily as possible. After the initial rental term, Europcar will advise of any applicable price changes. "

Can I subscribe to more than one car at a time?

Yes. Talk to us about your needs and we will find a solution

Can I have more than 1 vehicle at a time with Long-Term Solutions?

Yes. Talk to us about your needs and we will find a solution

Can the vehicle be delivered to my company location?

Yes. You can add delivery and collection when booking the vehicle. Delivery and collection is subject to availability, additional fees and charges apply.

Will I get the vehicle I booked?

You book a vehicle category that includes several comparable vehicles. We can not give you a guarantee about a brand or a specific model.

Can I have the vehicle collected from my company location at the end of the car subscription?

Yes. You can add delivery and collection when booking the vehicle. Delivery and collection is subject to availability, additional fees and charges apply.

Can I return my car at any Europcar station?

In the SuperFlex model, you can add One-Way. This means that you can return the vehicle to a different station than the one where you picked it up.

One way rentals incur a one way fee and are subject to availability. One way fees vary between locations & dates and are subject to change

What is the damage excess amount in the case of damage?

The damage excess in the event of damage depends on the vehicle and the booked protection package. Please refer to Europcar's Terms and Conditions for further information, please visit www.europcar.com.au/terms-and-conditions/australia.

Can I reduce the damage excess

Whether a reduction of the deductible is possible depends on long term product selected and the desired vehicle. In most cases, you can significantly reduce the deductible by booking the Medium or Premium protection package.

Please contact your Europcar Sales Representative for further information.

Do I need to pay for toll roads?

It is your responsibility to pay for tolls and fees incurred by You when driving the Vehicle on a toll road.

We recommend You open your own tolling account directly with a toll road operator and use your e-tag when travelling on a toll road.

However, if you do not open Your own tolling account, under the Europcar Terms and Conditions of Rental which include the Linkt Terms and Conditions, Tollaust Pty Limited (ACN 050 538 693), trading as Linkt (Linkt) provides the Linkt Rental Product to You for the payment of tolls and fees incurred by You when driving the Vehicle on a toll road and You must pay Linkt in connection with Your use of the Linkt Rental Product:
(i) all tolls incurred in connection with Your use of a toll road;
(ii) a Service Fee of $3.30 including GST for each calendar day on which a toll is incurred using the Linkt Rental Product; and
(iii) any other amount that is payable pursuant to the Linkt Terms and Conditions.