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Inclusive* Pricing

Your myEuropcar vehicle subscription includes services, a basic protection package, a basic free mileage package, maintenance and wear & tear. We don't charge a starting fee either!

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Choose the minimum term of your myEuropcar vehicle subscription according to your needs. 1, 3 or 6 months - the longer the minimum term, the lower your monthly fixed price. After the minimum term you can terminate your subscription on a monthly basis or simply continue driving.

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Subscribe instead of own

With the myEuropcar vehicle subscription, save the hassle and expense of car ownership and always drive a vehicle with the latest technology.

How does the myEuropcar vehicle subscription work?

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1. Individualise your vehicle subscription

Customise your vehicle subscription: vehicle category, minimum term and inclusive kilometres. You can further modify your subscription with our range of additional services.

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2. Get in and start driving

Pick up the vehicle at your preferred pick-up station or for an additional charge, have it delivered to your home. Start driving without any worries, we'll take care of the rest!

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3. Keep driving

You decide how long you want to use your subscription. After the minimum term is up, it is automatically renewed by one month at a time - you don’t have to worry about a thing!

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The longer the minimum term, the lower your monthly fixed price will be

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Do you have any further questions about the myEuropcar vehicle subscription?

What is the myEuropcar Car subscription?

myEuropcar is a flexible car subscription and the alternative to leasing or buying a car. You can easily subscribe online to the myEuropcar car subscription within a few minutes.

The monthly fixed rate includes services, a basic protection package, a basic free mileage package, maintenance and wear & tear. We don't charge a starting fee either!

You can choose from different minimum terms (1, 3 or 6 months), after which the myEuropcar car subscription is renewed monthly up to a maximum period of 24 months.

What is included in the monthly myEuropcar subscription rate?

The myEuropcar car subscription offers the advantages of owning a car without having to own it. The basic monthly package price includes^
- Quick Availability
- No Starting Fee
- 24-hour emergency roadside assistance*
- Vehicle replacement
- Basic Protection Package
- 1,200km / month
- 1 free additional driver

During your booking you have the option to further customize your subscription and choose from additional extras such as:
-Additional Mileage Packages
-Protection packages
-Further Additional driver
-Delivery and collection

And, what makes our myEuropcar car subscription even more attractive and comfortable for you: we also included costs for:
- Registration & vehicle tax
- Maintenance
- Liability insurance & theft protection

^Costs related to fuel are not included in the subscription.
*Roadside assistance for inherent mechanical faults. Additional fees apply for faults related to driver induced errors and all non-mechanical defects such as lost keys, keys locked in the vehicle, flat battery due to lights being left on etc.

When will I receive my myEuropcar car?

All our cars on subscription are available within 5 days of completing your request, however during the booking process, you can choose to pick it up at a later date. And if you need a car sooner, we offer various spontaneous rental solutions here:

How many free kilometers are included per month?

The myEuropcar car subscription includes 1,200km per month. If you need more kilometres, you can add additional kilometre packages (each package 500km) during your booking and select up 6 additional packages totalling 3,000km per month. Any kilometres not used within the month cannot be transferred to the following month.

Please remember that you can only add additional packages during the booking process.

Is there a starting fee for myEuropcar?

No. With the myEuropcar car subscription, you will not be charged an entry fee.

How does the myEuropcar car subscription differ from long-term rental, leasing or buying a car?

Compared to leasing or buying, vehicle subscription offers more flexibility. You can decide on a minimum duration of 1, 3 or 6 months up to a maximum period of 24 months. Your vehicle subscription is renewed each month. The cancellation period is very short.

How is myEuropcar car insured?

There is a Basic Damage Cover package included in your monthly price. It includes cover against theft or accidental collision damage with a Damage Excess payable. If you want to reduce the Damage Excess on the myEuropcar Vehicle you can choose between the Medium or Premium protection package to reduce the payable amount

Is there a deposit required and when will it be returned?

A $750 deposit will be charged on your credit card for security reasons for your myEuropcar car. We will refund you the deposit as soon as you have terminated the myEuropcar car subscription, the vehicle has been returned and all amounts due have been paid.

You can find more information on myEuropcar Terms and Conditions and our Terms and Conditions of Rental.

How is the myEuropcar car subscription billed?

With the booking, we will directly charge the first monthly rate including the booked extras as well as the deposit. Please make sure your credit card covers this amount.
Each new monthly rate will be charged 10 days before the start of the new month.
As a means of payment we currently only accept credit cards, which must be issued on the subscriber.

Can I select a specific vehicle model?

We offer two different solutions:
1) Many of our car subscription offers do not include a specific vehicle model, but relate to a selected vehicle group. During the booking process, these offers are clearly marked with "or similar". The displayed vehicle model is an example of one of the listed vehicle models.
2) Car subscriptions marked "Guaranteed Model" in the booking funnel refer to the specific model. Please understand that the vehicle colour, motorisation (range for electric vehicles), model variant and equipment characteristics may differ from the vehicle shown.

** Promotional Code 10OFF2024 - Terms and Conditions

The promotional code 10% off car rate valid for all SIPPS except ICAR, IDAR, GWAR, UFAD.

The offer is valid for reservations made from 17/05/2024 to 31/10/2024.

The offer is valid for all terms (1, 3 and  6 months).

The offer is subject to vehicle availability.

The discount is calculated on the best freely available standard rate (i.e. the reference price) - excluding ancillaries, any special offers and other promotions.

The price displayed after entering the promotion code already includes the discount.

The offer cannot be combined with other preferential tariffs or special rates.

The offer can be terminated prematurely at any time without notice.

The discount does not apply to the offered extras.

The promotional code must be entered independently during the last booking step to ensure it is applied correctly.

Furthermore, the general rental conditions of myEuropcar apply.


* The monthly flat rate includes: KM package (1200km/month), vehicle liability, partial and fully comprehensive insurance with deductible, registration costs, vehicle tax, broadcasting license fee, maintenance and wear and tear repairs, seasonal tires, inspections and general inspections as well as booked additional services. The costs for operating resources are not included: fuel, electricity, AdBlue, engine oil and other liquids such as windscreen washer fluid.

* Model is guaranteed. Vehicle color, motorisation (range for electric vehicles), model and equipment features may vary.