Swap your tie for a Viking helmet and conquer Stockholm’s surroundings

Wooden House On Rocky Coast

Of course, Stockholm is a great city. However, to make your trip even more enjoyable, we have a suggestion. Why don’t you leave your business duties behind, rent a car and dive into a lifestyle inspired by fearless warriors from the 8th century?

Go fishing and feel like Njord, the Sea God

The island of Galo in the Stockholm archipelago is incredibly stunning. It’s only 38 km from Stockholm and yet, you’ll feel totally cut off from the rest of the world. An island paradise with wild animals and, most importantly, great spots to catch fish. Be sure to talk to a ranger regarding the required fishing licence, as well as advice for the best fishing spots.

Gålö, 137 96 Haninge

Let it go, Let it goooooo with Balder

Locals enjoy nature even during long cold winters. If you enjoy ice-skating, drive 24 km from Stockholm to Norrviken, Sollentuna. You can glide across the frozen lake while enjoying sublime scenery and silence that is only broken by the sweet sound of “singing ice”. 

Norrviken, 191 86 Sollentuna

Sweden, Stockholm, Nacka, Terrassvagen 1, Women Sitting Outside Sauna

Enjoy a big hearty meal blessed by Andhrímnir, chef to the Gods 

Celebrate a traditional and rural Christmas at Siggesta Gård, a farm located on the Värmdö Island 37 km south of Stockholm. The famous julbord, aka the Christmas buffet, is homemade with locally produced ingredients. Afterwards, you can sit by the fireplace or wander in the fields and surrounding woods.

Siggesta Gård, Siggesta, 139 90 Värmdö

Unwind like Ragnar Lothbrok after a big battle

Swedes don’t kid around when it comes to spas and yes, they do go for a dip in a lake after a wood-fired sauna. In Hellasgarden, a forest located 13 km from Stockholm you can experience Swedish-style wellness for a one-day retreat (or even two). Try the traditional sauna by the lake and don’t worry, when the lake freezes, a hole in the ice will allow you to take a dip.

131 33 Nacka 

Explore nature’s wonders like a fearless Viking

Just 38 km south of Stockholm, the Tyresta National Park shelters about 8,000 animal species in a lush forest with no less than 7 lakes! Park at the North entrance in Nyfors and wander through one of Sweden’s largest untouched woodland areas. You’ll be amazed by the magical virgin forest.

136 59 Vendelsö

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