Terms and Conditions in Australia

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Overseas rentals are subject to the Europcar General Terms and Conditions of Hire, the Specific Terms per country and the Privacy Policy in the country of rental


Deposit Policy

Please note that the below Deposit policy is applicable for rentals made in Australia.

For other countries where Europcar operates its services directly, please refer to the country's specific Terms and conditions by clicking here.

Whether you pay with debit card or credit card, we will take a pre-authorisation hold on your card for the duration of your rental. This amount will not be debited on your payment card at pick up time.

The price of the rental will also be authorised on your card. In this case, the total amount authorised on your card will be the rental price PLUS $200 for credit cards, $500 for accepted debit cards and $500 for Prestige, commercial and bus rentals.

Picking up your vehicle:

This bond will present as a pending transaction that reduces the funds you have available to spend. Note, the funds will not leave your account – the bond will not be charged to your card.

When returning your vehicle:

We release the pre-authorisation immediately upon return of the vehicle via an electronic message to your bank. The actual release process can take up to 15 business days however generally it is completed within 3-7 business days.

Please note that you will not see a refund, instead the pending transaction will disappear from your account.

As this was a temporary hold, not a charge, the returned funds will not show as a transaction on your statement.

Europcar has no control on the release time and date of the funds. It is recommended to contact your bank for queries about the time taken to return this holding fee. 

The deposit will be used for extra charges (e.g. fuel missing at return, extra-day, extra-mileage, one-way charge, etc.)

Should you need any additional information regarding the deposit, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following number: +61 (03) 92416800..

Please find below information about deposit release time:

Bond Card Type and Amount


Credit Card: $200
Debit Card: $500

Prestige, commercial & buses: $500 (Credit card only)


Deposit release time (after being invoiced)

Payment at return with the same payment card used for deposit

5 working days

Payment at return with another mean of payment (cash, other payment card, etc.) than the payment card used for despoit

Up to 30 days

Prepayment with extras (fuel, add driver, etc.)  to pay at return with the card used for deposit

5 working days

Prepayment with extras (fuel, add driver, etc.) to pay at return with another mean of payment (cash, other payment card, etc.) than the card used for deposit

Up to 30 days

Prepayment without any extras, so no payment on the card used for deposit

Up to 30 days

You initiate your rental, made a deposit and finally changed your mind and cancel your rental

Up to 30 days