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Respect for the environment has always been a key objective for Europcar International. In 2007, through partnership with our major associates and clients, Europcar developed the Green Charter.

The Charter was then certified by Bureau Veritas in 2008, formalising our commitment towards protection of the environment.

This commitment forms the basis for Europcar's dedication to implement environmentally conscious processes and procedures within Australian operations. 

The Environmental Charter consists of commitments in four main fields:

1. A 'green' fleet - fleet presenting the least harmful effect.

• Limit average passenger vehicle fleet age

• Follow new European regulations defining acceptable limits for exhaust emissions of new vehicles sold

• Indicate CO2 emissions on website/rental invoices and offer customer opportunity to offset

2. Fleet maintenance investment program

• Initiatives to collect and recycle materials, including waste, the water used at car wash sites and oil based fluids

• Favouring suppliers with environmental, safety, health and ethical commitments

• Engaged an organisation to conduct audits and quality safety checks

3. Initiatives to raise awareness

• Educating customers; creating non smoking fleet and 'green' fleet categories. 

• Offering customers the opportunity to offset their emissions via partnership with Greenfleet in Australia.

4. Internal Processes

• ISO 14001 Certification is an environmental management standard.

• Deploying new projects such as paperless e-invoicing and e-vouchers to reduce paper usage

• Introducing a 'green ideas box', enabling employees to share ideas

World's Leading Green transport Company

In 2008, the World Travel Awards organized its 1st Green Awards ceremony, paying tribute to companies in the travel industry that are making a commitment to sustainable development and are providing a contribution to biodiversity conservation.

Europcar has been honoured as World's Leading Green Transport Company a total of 6 times - 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014!

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