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Right now you can save up to 30% through the Privilege Card with a special mobile-only offer for members, available until  20 October 2019!

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Why choose Europcar?

  • 24 hour roadside assistance

  • No hidden charges

  • 24/7 service in most major airports

  • Only new rental cars

*Terms and Conditions

    1. Offer available for reservations made between 14th and 20th of October placed on the dedicated promotional page on Europcar mobile sites (m.europcar.com, m.europcar.de, m.europcar.es etc.). Bookings need to be made 7 or more days in advance to get the best discounts.
    2. Up to 30% discount for a minimum rental time of 3 days and a maximum of 29 rental days.
    3. Offer available in the listed below participating rental stations, under the following restrictions, and in the following countries:

      - Australia: 15% discount. Offer not available for pick-ups between 25/10/2019 and 28/10/2019.

      - Belgium: 25% discount

      - Denmark: 20% discount

      - France: 20% discount for bookings made a minimum of 3 days before pick-up.

      - Germany: 30% discount for 3 to 24 rental days. Offer not available in Dusseldorf Airport and Cologne Airport between 18/11/2019 and 21/11/2019. Offer not available in Hanover Airport from 10/11/2019 to 16/11/2019.

      - Italy: 15% discount for 3 to 21 rental days. Bookings must be made a minimum of 8 days before pick-up.

      - Ireland: 20% discount for 3 to 21 rental days.

      - New Zealand: 15% discount. Offer not available between 25/10/2019 and 28/10/2019.

      - Norway: 25% discount for 2 to 30 rental days.

      - Portugal: Up to 25% discount.

      - Spain: 30% discount. Offer only available in mainland Spain, Baleares and Canaries.

      - United Kingdom: Up to 25% discount for 1 to 27 rental days. No advanced booking needed for check-outs from 14/10/2019 to 30/03/2020. Highest discount for 5 to 20 rentals from 01/11/2019 to 16/12/2019 and from 27/12/2019 to 30/09/2020 in Regional Airports, Scotland & Central London. For more details please click here.

    4. The percentage of reduction is calculated on the basis of the non-reduced price (i.e. the reference price) – filling in the same selection criteria (eg: dates, destination, vehicles, etc…) on the homepage of the following Europcar Internet website : www.europcar.com, www.europcar.it, www.europcar.fr, etc.. The rate displayed and made available from this page includes directly the percentage off.
    5. Promotion does not apply to the recommended extras.
    6. All others Rental terms and conditions of the rental country of destination will apply, available here*.

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