Go South: An Epic South Coast Road Trip


Sceptics may wonder why this spectacular stretch of coast is so oft overshadowed by the country’s more classic road trips, but in our books, it’s just one more reason to see it before the secret gets out. Take a chance on a different itinerary and set your sights on New South Wales’ southern shores, where the undulating ups and downs of the rolling hillside keep rhythm with the crashing surf of the coast.


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Separated from Sydney by the expansive Royal National Park, Wollongong is a hub of adventure where activities like hang gliding, skydiving and surfing are as abundant as the city’s many beaches. Thrill seekers and sun worshippers be warned: once you set foot in Wollongong, you may find yourselves stalling your southbound journey in favour of staying awhile.

Woolongong beach
Woolongong lighthouse


Berry wineries

Travellers who manage to pry themselves from Wollongong and its many wonders will find themselves in Berry – a favourite amongst foodies and nature lovers alike. Set back from the shore, this quaint country town offers a different take on the South Coast, with picturesque pastures, charming local wineries and a firmly rooted farm to table ethos.

Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay sunset
Jervis bay beach

Undoubtedly one of the most sought-out spots on the South Coast, the sheer spectrum of blue tones on display in Jervis Bay is something that can only be appreciated in person. While you’ll have plenty of secluded sandy spots to choose from, opt to spend the day on Hyams Beach – a small curve of coast with the same sapphire tones as Jervis Bay and the whitest sand this side of the Whitsundays to boot.

Batemans Bay

Batemans bay fishing
Batemans Bay bridge

A friendly fishing town sandwiched between the Clyde River and the coast, its no small wonder why this vibrant vacation spot is a popular point of call with Sydney siders in the know. Whether you prefer to enjoy the wonders of the ocean with a rod, a paddle or a plate of oysters – you'll be well taken care of in this humble seaside township.


Merimbula beach
Merimbula bay

Nestled mid-way between Sydney and Melbourne, Merimbula is a haven for holidaymakers and, though it may have a reputation as a retreat for retirees, this tranquil coastal community is anything but quiet once the temperatures start to rise. Come summer, backpackers arrive by the van-full and herds of families settle in for school holidays, transforming this otherwise sleepy seaside town and its long golden beaches into a hive of activity.


Eden beach
Eden sunset

A fitting name for a place that’s almost mythical in its beauty, Eden is a rare snapshot of a simpler time, with pristine wilderness, age-old institutions and historic buildings still perfectly intact. Formerly a whaling town, hundreds of humpbacks still pass through this peaceful village each winter, coming in closer to shore here than any other point in Australia. A serene and unspoilt seaside town unlike anything found amongst the beaches to the north, Eden is the perfect place to end your South Coast adventure. Better yet, extend your stay – after all, no one wants to leave paradise.


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