6 Unique Experiences on the Eyre Peninsula


Can't bear another beach holiday? Trade in your typical seaside escape for a stay on the Eyre Peninsula. Still home to all the familiar delights of a sun and surf filled getaway, this unique destination ups the ante with shark diving, deep sea fishing, glamping and more.


What are you waiting for? Shake things up with our alternative guide to the Eyre Peninsula.

Swim with Sea Lions in Baird Bay

dolphins Baird Bay
Baird bay sea lions

A far cry from the contained wildlife encounter one might expect from a guided tour, this eco-friendly adventure takes travellers out onto the open ocean to interact with Baird Bay's resident sea lions in their natural habitat – but that's not all you'll find off the shores of the peninsula's west coast. While the sea lions alone are reason enough to get in the water, the region also happens to be home to a friendly colony of bottlenose dolphins who are known to join in the fun.

Embark on a Deep Sea Fishing Expedition from Cowell

Cowell fishing

Offering everything from half-day tours to multi-day trips, Cowell is a mecca for first-time fisherman and seasoned veterans alike. One of the premiere fishing destinations in all of South Australia, skilled anglers can expect to hook everything from monster-sized snapper and blue swimmer crab to highly-coveted King George whiting and salmon. Prefer to keep your feet on dry land? Cast your line from Cowell's local beach or jetty and reel in a catch without ever leaving shore.

Cage Dive with White Pointers in Port Lincoln

shark cage
Port Lincoln

Not for the faint of heart, this popular Port Lincoln attraction drops travellers in the midst of prime shark territory far offshore from the peninsula. While the traditional cage option only puts a set of bars between you and one of the world's most fearsome predators, Aqua Subs bring you below the surface in a safe and secure capsule with 360-degree glass walls and complimentary beer and wine to boot.

Snorkle with Giant Cuttlefish in Whyalla

Whyalla snorkelling

See Australia's largest species of cuttlefish swim, shapeshift and transform off the Eyre Peninsula's east coast. A truly extra-terrestrial experience, these alien-like creatures invade Whyalla's shores between May and August each year, changing colours at will to attract potential mates. A suitable activity for all ages thanks to the safe swimming in Whyalla's shallow waters, this out-of-this world snorkelling adventure is one of the best family-friendly adventures around.

Go Glamping in the Gawler Ranges

Gawler hike ranges
Gawler Ranges

Nestled along the upper axis of the peninsula, the Gawler Ranges offer a completely different perspective on this predominantly coastal paradise. Explore the extinct volcanic plains, rocky gorges and aboriginal burial sites of the national park by day before retreating to the luxurious Kangaluna Camp, where eco-chic safari tents transform one of South Australia's most magnificent landscapes into your own private escape.

Walk on Water at Lake Gairdner

Lake Gairdner
Lake Gairdner

Further north from the Gawler Ranges, Australia's third largest salt lake lets travellers defy physics with the help of an optical illusion. While it seldom sees more than a few inches of water, the salt-crusted surface of this dry basin lets travellers seemingly stand atop a body of water. Rather take to the lake on four wheels than on foot? Lake Gairdner also offers prime four-wheel driving conditions, making it the perfect destination for off-road explorers.


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