BMW Rental: for a Premium Drive

BMW - luxury and elegance combined with engineering mastery. From their sleek Z4 to the sophistication of their Series 3, BMW car rental is the perfect answer when you’re looking for a touch of class.

Over 100 years of excellence

BMW built its reputation on motorbikes, starting with the R32 and then expanded into cars. In the 1930’s, they made the 303 coupe, which was the first BMW to feature its distinctive grille and in 1939 BMW won Le Mans. By the early 1950’s BMW had the reputation as a major sports car manufacturer and in 1983 Nelson Piquet became the Formula 1 World Champion in his Brabham BMW. 

BMW in recent years

Since 1999 BMW has reached the SUV market with the X-series, a true model of elegance in the utility vehicle field. BMW also held onto the Mini after selling Rover and used its engineering excellence to create a cult following of this British classic.

A car for every occasion

BMW car rental will always be a good idea - whether you’re driving to a family wedding, going to an important business meeting or simply making a regular weekend into something special.

Your BMW Car Rental with Europcar

There are many reasons to rent with us - we’re present worldwide and have a wide range of BMW cars available. There are 3,835 Europcar locations in over 140 countries and you can organise the rental simply by using our app. We constantly update our fleet, so you can be sure to find the model you want at an attractive price. You can even save money with our member discount. We have a range of rental conditions available whether you’re renting for the weekend or looking for something more long-term. Contact us to have more details or have a look on our website.