Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y

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Discover the electric par excellence. Manufactured for your safety, being the most relevant aspect of the Tesla Model Y. Maximum safety, resistance and comfort.
  • Max speed: 209km/h
  • Autonomy: 540km
  • Power: 271CV
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Discover its main features

What autonomy does it have?

The Tesla Model Y stands out for the autonomy of 540 km provided by its battery and its aerodynamic design. With just one charge you can run around your day-to-day tasks, or go further and take at trip out of the city!

How to Charge your Tesla?

To charge at a public charging station, plug the appropriate adapter into the vehicle's charging port, and then plug the station's charging connector into the adapter. The charging port is located on the left side of Model Y, behind a cover that is part of the taillight assembly. The charging port light will indicate the charging status.

How long does it take to load?

Tesla has a network of fast chargers called "super-chargers" on the main network of expressways (highways). Recharging time on this 120 kW network depends not only on how many kWh are recharged, but also on what level the battery is initially. Recharge with 120 Kw chargers / Maximum power: The battery goes from 0 to 45% in approximately 20 minutes. Recharge with 11kW chargers: Each hour of recharging provides 72km. Domestic recharge with 2.3kW: 37 hours are needed for a complete recharge.

Find a charging point

From the Plugshare site, you will be able to see where the nearest charging points are, as well as superchargers and price points.
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Need More info?

Find all the information you need and more in our Tesla User Guide. With FAQs and video tutorials, we have everything you need to get you on the road with lower emissions!
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