What type of car can you rent at Europcar ?

There are a variety of vehicle types across all our categories at Europcar, including automatic, manual and hybrid. We offer a constantly renewed fleet with the latest technology, combining high performance with efficiency and low emissions. Whether you’re going on a quick family visit, a business trip or a full on family holiday, we’re sure to have a car to suit you.

Automatic cars

An automatic transmission car helps you focus on the road and enjoy being behind the wheel, as you don’t need to change gears. Even those who would normally drive a manual car often choose the ease and convenience of an automatic hire car, particularly when driving in cities or unfamiliar places. 
Automatics are available across almost all categories at Europcar, including the compact, standard and premium ranges. For the best of all worlds, cars such as the Mercedes-Benz A Class or the BMW 1 Series, are stylish, the perfect size for a comfortable trip and automatic for easy driving.
Automatic Car Rental

Rent a convertible car

Planning a holiday in the South of Europe or a romantic weekend escape? Do you want to impress for your next important meeting?
Choose a convertible rental with Europcar and enjoy driving a premium vehicle through some of the most romantic landscapes and make the most of the beautiful scenery: with no windows to block the views , you will enjoy a sleek and stylish car ride in your convertible car; whether it’s a Fiat 500, a Mini Cooper, a Mercedes-Benz E-Class or a Volkswagen Coccinelle.
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Rent an Electric Car

Whether your plans include sightseeing or business, renting an electric car is a great idea. There are many advantages to rent an electric car (also called EV as Electric vehicle) for your next trip. The most expected benefit is a lesser environmental impact as electric cars are greener than a thermal car as they emit no CO2, Nitrogen, or other Air Pollution Particles in the air.
If you rent a hybrid vehicle, your car will come with either a thermal engine to which is added an electric engine to enable you to reduce your fuel consumption, or a Plug-in Hybrid car model which can drive 60 km in electric mode thanks a rechargeable engine, then switches to hybrid when the battery is empty.
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Rent a luxury car

Sometimes, the journey matters more than the destination. So, wherever you go, make your journey extraordinary and give yourself a ride to remember! Consider yourself behind the wheel of a BMW SUV, enthralled by the elegance of a sporty convertible Mercedes, or perhaps raptured by the sophistication of an Audi.
With Europcar, you can choose the luxury model of your dreams from a wide range of luxury cars from the world's most prestigious brands — made with the passion you deserve. What’s more with Selection you choose the model of vehicle you want to drive, not the category. So go ahead, make your Selection.
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