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Rewards Program card holders save when renting with Europcar.

Rent a vehicle with Europcar in Australia or New Zealand and enjoy exclusive savings for Rewards Program card holders.
Save up to 15% off the base rate* on all rentals across Australia and New Zealand, the longer you rent, the more you save!
 所有在澳大利亚和新西兰的租车节省高达15% off基本车辆费用。租得天数越多, 节省越多
Rent 1-2 days, receive 5% off the base rate* 
连续租1-2天, 享受5% off基本车辆费用 
For passenger vehicles only. Blackout dates apply.
仅限载客车辆。 请查询活动有效日期
Rent 3-4 days, receive 10% off the base rate* 
 连续租3-4天, 享受10% off基本车辆费用 
For passenger and prestige vehicles. Blackout dates apply.
仅限载客车辆。 请查询活动有效日期
Rent 5 or more days, receive 15% off the base rate* 
连续租5天以上, 享受15% off基本车辆费用 
For passenger and prestige vehicles. Blackout dates apply.
 仅限载客车辆。 请查询活动有效日期
Choose from a wide range of vehicles including small and convenient economy cars, through to large family 4WDs and prestige cars including Mercedes-Benz and BMW. 
Rewards members earn 5 points for every dollar spent with Europcar. 



Why choose Europcar?

  • 24 hour roadside assistance

  • No hidden charges

  • 24/7 service in most major airports

  • Only new rental cars

Terms & Conditions

    1. Valid at participating locations across Australia and New Zealand 本活动参与地区 澳大利亚 & 新西兰
    2. Reservation and travel period until 30 June 2018 提车时间: 即日起至2018年6月30日
    3. Blackout Dates when 5%, 10% and 15% offers do not apply:  此次优惠不适用以下日期及地区
         12 April 2017 - 17 April 2017 (ALL AU); 2017年4月12日 - 2017年4月17日 (澳大利亚)
         12 April 2017 – 30 April 2017 (ALL NZ); 2017年4月12日 - 2017年4月30日  (新西兰)
         24 June 2017 - 16 July 2017 (AU and NZ); 2017年6月24日 - 2017年7月16日  (澳大利亚 & 新西兰)
         16 September 2017 - 08 October 2017 (AU and NZ); 2017年9月16日 - 2017年10月8日  (澳大利亚 & 新西兰)
         16 December 2017 – 02 January 2018 (AU and NZ); 2017年12月16日 - 2018年1月2日  (澳大利亚 & 新西兰)
         03 February 2018 - 28 February 2018 (ALL NZ); 2018年2月3日 - 2018年2月28日  (新西兰)  
         28 March 2018 - 02 April 2018 (AU and NZ); 2018年3月28日 - 2018年4月2日  (澳大利亚 & 新西兰)
    4. Vehicles subject to availability at time of collection 车辆视供应情况而定
    5. A online reservation restriction of at least four hours prior to vehicle pick up applies. 请于提车时间前最少4个小时在网上预定车辆
    6. Europcar standard age, credit card and driver requirements apply 承租人需满足Europcar最低驾驶年龄,提供有效的信用卡以及驾驶员的基本要求.
    7. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion 优惠不能与任何其他促销活动一起使用
    8. Discount of 5%, 10% and 15% apply to base rate (time and kilometres) of rental only. 优惠 5%, 10% 以及 15% 仅限基本车费
    9. Base rate excludes Vehicle Registration Recovery Fee (VRRF). Discount will be incorporated into your total price at Quote Summary stage Europcar standard age, credit card and driver requirements apply. 基本车费不包含车辆登记费。 报价时折扣将被纳入您的总价格, 承租人需满足Europcar最低驾驶年龄,提供有效的信用卡以及驾驶员的基本要求.
    10. Minimum length of rental must be 1 day to receive this offer. Days are based on a 24 hours rental period 即连续租车1天以上享受优惠 。计算天数基于24小时租赁期
    11. The applicable Promotion Code must be quoted at the time of booking. 请在订车时候告知我们相关的优惠码
    12. Discount will be incorporated into your total price at Quote Summary stage 报价时折扣将被纳入您的总价格
    13. Standard passenger vehicles include unlimited kilometres in metropolitan areas for up to 14 days, 标准客车包括在城市地区无限公里数长达14天 200km per day for rentals in Country areas and 100km per day in Remote areas including Darwin, Alice Springs and all locations in the Northern Territory 每天200公里在乡村地区以及每天100公里偏远地区包括Darwin, Alice Springs, 以及全部Northern Territory地区
    14. For prestige vehicles 1-29 days 200 kms included per day, 30+ days 100 kms included per day with additional kilometres charged per kilometre 所有豪华车型 包括前1-29天每天200公里, 30天之后每天100公里。 多出的公里数将额外收费
      • If there is Damage, theft of the Vehicle or Third Party Loss you must also pay up to the standard Damage Liability Fee (DLF). 如果有损坏,盗窃车辆或第三方损失. 您还必须支付标准损坏赔偿责任费. Optional Damage Cover Products may be purchased to reduce your liability, but there may be no cover under some circumstances. More Info.您可以购买增值服务来降低您的损坏赔偿责任费, 但在某些情况下可能不适用. 请查询相关资讯
    15. Extra charges may apply to options you select, if you do not return the vehicle to the same pick up location or return the vehicle late, or if you do not return the vehicle full of fuel unless the prepaid fuel option is purchased, or if you incur infringements or use toll roads 根据你选择可能产生其他额外费用, 例如异地费当您选择在提车以外的其他站点还车, 或则燃油费在还车时没有加满油(除非您在提车时已预付燃油费), 或则交通罚单和使用收费公路.

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