BEFORE RENTAL - Tips on how to speed up the pick up process and other frequently asked questions

DURING RENTAL - Answers to the most common questions that may arise during your rental

AFTER RENTAL - Information about queries relating to your invoice

During Rental




Can I travel on toll roads during my rental in Australia and how will I be charged fees?

Yes. You can travel on all toll roads during your rental as all Europcar vehicles are registered with Linkt... As noted in the Rental Agreement and Terms and Conditions of Rental, if you travel on any toll roads during your rental, you will be charged by Linkt after you have completed your vehicle rental. This payment will be made using the same payment method as you used for your vehicle rental with us. 


Can I travel on toll roads during my rental in New Zealand and how will I be charged fees?

Yes. You can travel on all toll roads during your rental as you will be responsible for paying any tolls incurred when driving our rental vehicle. You need to pay any toll costs within 5 business days of returning your vehicle to us. You will need to know the vehicle registration plate of the rental vehicle you were driving and the dates of travel. Payment can be made online at the NZ Transport Agency by clicking HERE.


Alternatively, you can visit any BP Connect service station to make payment.

If you do not pay your tolls within 5 business days, the credit or debit card you used to pay for your vehicle rental will be charged the applicable fees, plus a $5 administration fee. This transaction will appear in your bank statement as "BVJV Trading Pty Ltd." 


 Do I need to return the car with a full tank of fuel?

Your vehicle will be supplied with a full tank of fuel.  If you do not take the ‘prepaid fuel’ option at the counter and return the vehicle without a full tank of fuel a refuelling charge will apply.


When do I have to return the vehicle?

The vehicle is to be returned to the rental location by the specified date and time shown on the rental agreement.  The hire period ends when the vehicle and keys are returned.  Europcar allows a grace period of up to 30 minutes for the return of the vehicle, however thereafter you will be charged a full day's extra rental.

When returning your vehicle, ensure you thoroughly check and remove all personal belongings.  Europcar is not liable for loss of personal property throughout the rental period or left in the vehicle upon return nor is it covered by Damage cover.  


What if I return the vehicle earlier?

If you return the vehicle earlier than the date and time shown in the rental agreement, you will not be refunded any unused prepaid rental days.


What do I do if I am running late or need to extend my rental?

Contact your travel agent to make any amendments. Alternatively you can contact Europcar Reservations on: 

AU: 1300 136 886

NZ: 0800 454 942 

Other: +61 3 9330 6100