How to road trip in Australia


From speed limits to seat belt laws, we've put together some of our top driving tips to make your time on the road a safer and more enjoyable experience.


Map your journey

Whether you're planning a quick trip down the coast or a cross country adventure, our comprehensive Road Trip Guides feature a wide range of routes to choose from. And, with pre-loaded maps available for each journey, you can spend less time worrying about directions and more time enjoying the open road. If you're planning on taking the road less travelled, be sure to check out our portable GPS units, which make it easy to navigate in remote locations across the country.

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Pick up a car hire

Once you've mapped out your adventure, you'll need to book a car hire that's right for you and your crew. If you're just zipping down the coast, our compact economy class vehicles provide comfort and convenience at an affordable price. For longer journeys, be sure to check out our range of four-wheel drives, which have plenty of room for extra passengers and their luggage.



Prepare for poor weather conditions

No matter what time of year you're planning your adventure, it's always a good idea to double check the weather before hitting the road. If you're facing harsh conditions, it's recommended that you drive with your headlights on low beam to increase visibility among other drivers. For safe breaking, be sure to leave a little extra distance between you and the vehicle in front. In the rare occurrence of a natural disaster, you should not attempt to drive through any floods, bushfires or cyclones. Instead, call the local State Emergency Services for instructions.


Be sure to buckle up

The easiest way to stay safe on the roads is by wearing a seatbelt. Penalties may differ in each state, but the law remains the same – all passengers are required to wear a seatbelt on Australian roads. Travelling with little ones? For their safety, children under seven need their own booster seat, which can be added to your order during booking.



Keep an eye out for wildlife

Outside of the city, many roads and major highways are unfenced, which increases the likelihood of thoroughfare from local wildlife. To avoid any accidents, be sure to keep an eye out for any signage and adjust your speed accordingly. If an animal crosses in front of you, avoid sharp turns and swerves, as this may create further hazards for other drivers.



Watch your speed

While some roads may not have visible signage, speed limits are strictly enforced all across Australia. Within built-up areas, 50km per hour is the default speed limit. Outside of the city, speed limits can reach a maximum of 110km per hour, with the exception of the Northern Territory, where some roads allow drivers to travel at 130km per hour. If you plan on stopping in residential areas, be sure to keep an eye out for school zones, which have fluctuating speed limits depending on the time of day you are passing through.


Take regular breaks

If you're planning a full day of driving, it's recommended that you take a break every couple of hours. Not only will this prevent you from burning out, but you'll also have the chance to see some of Australia's lesser known attractions during your trip. Not sure where to stop? Check out our insightful Destination Guides for inspiration.




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