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Europcar Business Fleet and Services

Leasing or owning vehicles for your business is a costly and complicated task.
That's why we have designed flexible solutions in order to provide you with full fleet visibility, including month-by-month rental, corporate car-sharing solutions, basic insurance and maintenance, relief vehicles, and 24/7 customer care. Choose from a wide range of vehicles with more than 150 models of cars, vans & trucks across 27 brands including top manufacturers. Our range of vehicles includes compact cars, station wagons, vans, prestige models, and specialist vehicles, as well as a range of electric or hybrid vehicles with low emission and alternative fuel vehicles. Our vehicles are also equipped with some of the latest and most innovative features.

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Before, During and After Rental

Want to know what to bring for vehicle pick up? Do you need to drop off your car later than expected?  Maybe you might want to know more about our additional equipment is available to make your rental experience more enjoyable.....Whatever your needs we are here to help!
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Flexible Long Term Rentals

1 Month+ Rentals & Subscriptions

The flexible alternative to leasing or buying Rent from one month only with no commitment Test electric vehicles with our mobility solutions for your business

Low emission vehicles without contraints

Electric vehicles

  • Discover our electric vehicles and hybrids.
  • Discover our charging solutions, and much more...
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Business Vans & Trucks Rental

Business Vans & Trucks Rental

Your business partner for Vans & Trucks.
  • Do you need a small transporter or heavy freight load truck?
  • or Rent a wide variety of commercial and special vehicles for your everyday business requirements?