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Frequently Asked Questions

We will make every effort to supply the vehicle pictured. In the event we can't supply the exact vehicle, we will contact you to discuss your options.
Both damage covers have the same inclusions. With Premium Damage Cover your damage liability fee is reduced significantly.
If circumstances change and you decide to return the vehicle before the minimum 3 month rental period has elapsed then you will be required to pay the balance of the rentals falling due up to 3 months. So, for example: if you decide you wish to return the vehicle at the end of the first month of the rental period then if you haven’t already paid for month 2 then you will have to make Rental Payments for both month 2 and month 3. If you have already paid for month 2 then you will still have to make Rental Payment for month 3. There may also be other charges that are payable - such as excess mileage charges or repair costs and/or any penalty charges arising during your rental period together with the associated administration fees.
If you decide to give the car back 3 months (or more) after delivery has elapsed then you just need to give us one month’s notice of your wish to return the vehicle. You will need to make the Rental Payment for the month of the notice period but then no further Rental Payments will be required. However, there may be other charges that are payable - such as excess mileage charges, repair costs and/or any penalty charges arising during your rental period together with the associated administration fees.
Mileage is one of the major factors in defining how much your agreement plan will cost. If you exceed your chosen mileage then at the end of the rental period we will charge you for the number of miles you have travelled over and above the inclusive mileage allowance in the relevant period. For example, if you opt for the 3,000 inclusive kilometres allowance per month and over a rental period of 7 months you actually travel 24,000 kilometres then we will charge you for 3,000 excess kilometres. If the excess mileage charge is stated in the Tariff Guide to be 38c per kilometre then you would be charged $1,140. In this example, it may actually be more economical for you to consider taking the higher inclusive kilometre allowance rather than paying excess kilometre charges. It is therefore vital to choose a kilometre allowance that reflects your driving habits. So that you arrive at the best inclusive annual kilometre allowance for your needs you should take a measurement of how many kilometres you travel currently in an average month and multiply it by 12. Be sure to bear in mind any seasonal differences in your driving behaviour that might occur during the rental period to make your estimation as accurate as possible.
The contract includes the following:
  • Full manufacturer’s warranty
  • Breakdown recovery through the manufacturer warranty recovery process
  • Service and maintenance to include tyres (fair wear and tear only)
  • Collision Damage Waiver cover and third party liability insurance will be included

The following features are not included in the contract:
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Snow Cover
  • Young driver surcharge

Yes, all our cars come with the full Australian manufacturer’s warranty but the length of time this warranty lasts will depend on the manufacturer. Please ask your sales advisor in our Long Term Solutions team for details of the warranty that is provided for your car.
Your contract does not include a replacement vehicle unless one is supplied by the manufacturer if your car suffers a breakdown. If the car is required for servicing or maintenance then you will need to make your own travel arrangements whilst the car is undergoing service or repair.
From the point of us both signing the contract (i.e., you and us) then, provided you pay the Advance Payment (the Agreement Administration Fee) and you make the first monthly Rental Payment on time, we aim to deliver the car to you within 3 days.
Whenever you return the car to us you must give it back to us with no more than what is considered by the AFIA to be ‘normal’ wear and tear. As members of the AFIA we have adopted its recommended fair wear and tear conditions and a guide is attached to the contract. The guide can also be found on our website
Ultimately, whether a diesel, or petrol or even a hybrid vehicle is best for you will depend on your individual needs and driving preferences. One of the biggest things to bear in mind when making this decision, however, is your regular driving habits. Diesel vehicles are fitted with something called a diesel particulate filter (DPF). The DPF is part of the vehicle’s exhaust system, and is designed to clean engine exhaust gases before they enter the atmosphere. The DPF is designed to clean itself by ‘burning off’ the excess soot particles when it gets hot enough – typically after 30 minutes of driving at around 45mph. If you don’t reach those speeds for long enough the filter won’t be able to clean itself and a warning light will come on. Therefore, if you are typically a city driver or one that doesn’t do a large number of miles in a single journey then a petrol or hybrid vehicle may be more suitable for you.
No – the vehicles that are that are available are standard vehicles and we are not able to accommodate specific requests in relation to specification.
Europcar is both the registered owner and keeper of the vehicle and will hold the vehicle registration documents.
Any mileage over the agreed amount is charged at the excess mileage charge per mile that is shown in the Tariff Guide attached to the agreement. By way of example, if the excess mileage charge stated in your Tariff Guide is stated to be 38c per kilometre and you exceed your mileage allowance by 1,000 kilometres, you would be charged $380.
We will pass your details to the issuing authority as the person responsible for the fine or ticket and we will charge an administration fee of $40 for doing so.

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